Bullying Policy

Anti-bullying policy


This policy is intended to discourage the posting on Moopy of extreme and personally offensive messages about posters, celebrities or members of the public that is likely to cause distress if read by them (referred to throughout this policy as “offensive material”). Posters should use their common sense to determine whether material they intend to post may constitute offensive material and must refrain from posting such material.

Reporting bullying

If posters see a post that they consider to constitute offensive material, they are encouraged to report the post to the Admin/Mod team as soon as possible by using the ‘Report’ button, which can be found at the bottom of each post on Moopy. The Admin/Mod Team will be alerted to the offending post once a Report has been submitted.

The Admin/Mod team is comprised of:

Admin: @Indie, @Kate, @ZenGiraffe
Mods: @big ron, @ButterTart, @Floppet, @Iguana, @Soldi, @VoR

The Report button should only be used for genuine concerns about offensive material. Any posters consistently abusing the Report system may be given a formal warning.

Steps to be taken by the Admin/Mod team

The Admin/Mod team will:

1. consider any Report submitted and determine whether they believe the Report to be genuine
2. engage privately with the poster who has posted the offensive material, warn them informally and/or formally and encourage them to remove the offensive wording from their post(s).

If the poster does not agree to remove the offensive material, or continues to post offensive material, the Admin/Mod team will:

1. at their discretion, remove the offensive material from the offending post(s) and any posts that have quoted the offensive material
2. temporarily ban the poster for such period as is considered appropriate by the Admin/Mod team
3. once the temporary ban has expired, monitor the poster’s posts
4. give the poster a final warning if they continue to post offensive material
5. permanently ban the poster if they continue to post offensive material.

Steps 4 and 5 will only be taken with the agreement of the majority of the Admin/Mod team.

The Admin/Mod team will at all times try to act in a fair and proportionate manner. This policy is not intended to "catch out" any posters and the Admin/Mod team will use their discretion to try to be as fair as possible while upholding the spirit of this policy.

The Admin/Mod team reserves the right to permanently ban any posters, without taking the steps set out above, for making posts that contain death threats, incite violence or discriminate based on race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

The Admin/Mod Team’s discretion to ban a poster as they see fit is not limited to the exercise of this policy. This policy will continue to be developed over time.

Please contact a member of the Admin/Mod Team if you have any questions about this policy.

The Moopy Admin/Mod Team
20th February 2021

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