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  • Yes it IS. I had actually forgotten about Moopy until a small flashback not so long ago. Hope you're well!
    Thanks, I'll have a look.
    Was mostly looking for appartments too.
    Sounds perfect then!
    I've noticed how expensive it is, I'm having trouble to find a place to stay, but thought it was because I'm late.
    Ha! Hope it wouldn't mean I'd lose the bit of tan I'd get there then.

    Is that a club? I haven't really looked anything up, not even booked tickets yet. Was afraid it would only be a rancid place, but if you like it then I guess there's more to it. :disco:
    I experienced that scrotum skin incident after a foam party in Berlin once. :o What's the reason behind it?
    I haven't had any Lindsay drama for over a year now, is she even alive?? is she LOVING life?
    Give me some hot iPad apps please! I've already used it to use as a second screen for my mac which is currently BLOWING MY KIND :disco:

    I love it though (I have an iPad Mini). It's so genius and practical.
    Merle is so distant and unreachable, I'm surprised she made her talents available so easily. Is it a good read? I'm still convinced she 'transitioned' into Chad.
    Your spunky new avatar looks like Agnes is dripping in, how shall I say it, love nectar. "Is that thing loaded" indeed - who knew it was a bukkake anthem?
    Haha, last night she was all "HOW do you know HIM? :o" I just met her last night actually, I'm sort-of going out with her friend and we met up to get the train back. She seems LOVELY, though at one point she fell asleep and battered her head off the window :(

    Were you on the last train as well? You should have popped down to say hello! It would've taken our minds off the bleach-blonde nightmare from CROY having a screaming row with her mates, and the gays who kept trying to get an ERASURE SINGALONG going :zombie:
    Amazing you've noticed such a difference. I could never get rid of my love handles :(

    Don't do it all too soon! I need you to buy the App!
    Where hav you noticed change? Since I stopped doing it I've noticed a lack of tone even though I haven't put any actual weight on.
    I did NOT know that - talk about a Pride TREAT :o :disco:

    I'm surprised she isn't on the main stage during the day, surely she's a far bigger draw than Joe (also apparently Lloyd Daniels will be there too, so be on MAUVE ALERT for Danyl sightings :zombie:)

    You don't look very fat? Are you planning on getting shirtless Showgirls style in da pool?
    Just some hand weights from Argos. I think mine go to a 5kg each (they'll be packaged as their total weight so for me they were advertised as 10kg). Just start on something relatively easy as they're just there to provide resistance more than anything. Although when i got Ripped in 30 I increased the weight from 2kg to 4kg as the exercises were getting too easy.
    "Nomi Malone is what MARMARIS is all about - she's dazzling, she's exciting, and very, very sexy!"
    Oh shit, I just remembered something! When I was in Turkey there were all these posters advertising some club night ("DISCO TIME"), and one of the pictures they used was a promotional photo of Elizabeth Berkley AS NOMI MALONE :disco: I kept meaning to take a picture of it.
    It's okay, but it just doesn't have the AMBIENCE of the old place. Also you have to share the toilets with lesbains (unless you go downstairs) :gross:
    And you! Regrettably brief, but I'm sure our paths will cross again :disco:
    I'm happier than Dina Lohan landing the role as 'woman at airport' in The Parent Trap. Thanks :)
    Perhaps she thought you'd already eaten it? Years of dealing with the HAM ELEMENTALS who waddle in from Bennets* has probably given her a skewed idea of how food works.

    *(AXM already DEAD)
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