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  • The Mini is SO FUCKING FIT.

    Dropbox obv
    Writer (I use this for as a Word substitute until actual Office comes out)
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    BANG xoxo
    Yes, I watched it last night. I had forgotten how infuriating Angela was. But also how sad.

    That baker is probably stuck there as we type, knocking out a few white split tins and white bloomers :(. If he hasn't been made redundant and died alone in a bedsit somewhere, anyway.
    I'm sorry my darling, but unless you've been watching it for thirty six years you simply DO NOT know what you're TALKING ABOUT! :evil:

    That series (I think it was 4) had a few other corkers, in particular the furniture shop (featuring an older couple and their vile son who wore a DRESSING GOWN everywhere) and the utterly clueless hairdresser whose employees kept leaving to start their own (actually successful) salons :D
    Fiercely heterosexual (with emphasis on the FIERCE)! Oh we might FINALLY be doing a thing in Glasgow early next year, maybe you can pop up for that (I'll secretly arrange it to coincide with a bear night :horny:)

    Was it worth it once you got to Alton Towers? I can imagine you ditching the rest and having three rides on Oblivion while they're still trying to park :disco:
    There WAS a little bit in my Madge perf :disco:

    Where were YOU this weekend, anyway? I packed my peppermint douche for nothing :evil:
    We went from Pooley Bridge to Howtown round Ullswater Bridge. I think it's only about a third of the full lake walk, but it was a good few hours.

    My parents semi-live there now, they go up every weekend and they're still discovering new walking routes. It's just a beautiful little corner of the world.

    This is the view from our caravan: AMAZING

    I'm more of a dog person.

    I have not been swimming yet no, I'm not very good and would fear drowning.

    We did the lake walk last time were were there and got the ferry back. Aside from the Horseflies it was amazing.

    Did you get a shag out of your tour-guiding duties?
    Lovely isn't it? What brought you there?

    My parents caravan is on the Hole House site. Basically there's a field behind the Sun Inn and if you walk through it and down a short path along the river, you're there. (Please don't burgle them).

    All the times I've been there I've just chilled out really, it's such a relaxing place! It's not a place you go to for the nightlife. Country walks and pub lunches are pretty much it. I love all that though. I'm back up over the Bank Holiday weekend.

    There is some fun to be had laughing at the UTTER TAT in the gift shop. It's full of chintzy shit that would only be bought by the manically depressed. Fridge magnets and placemats with phrases like "My cat is my best friend" and "A daughter is a little bundle of joy who grows up to be the best friend you ever have". Don't any of these women have HUMAN FRIENDS who didn't come out of their VAGINA? :D
    I've been doing it for 10 full days but had 2 rest days. I read that ideally you really should have a break at least once a week so really it's about a month and a halfs work.

    Once the 30 days are over, I'm gonna step down to about 3 x week so the app will be ideal!
    My legs are toned to fuck. I cannot believe it. I also had slight love handles and they're now gone.

    Actually amazing. I owe EVERYTHING to Dame Jillian and YOU MY DARLING xoxo

    On Level 2 and have been lying on the floor in foetal position for 10 minutes now.

    I'm not fat or owt, I just need to improve my fitness. My gym is at the end of my street yet I STILL don't go.

    I actually need summit to improve my arms. They are awful. And it's so intimidating being in the weights area of the gym blasting out Thunderpuss mixes with your 7.5kg weights.
    What WEIGHTS would you recommend for this shredding lark?

    Please take into account that I am a FUCKING WEAKLING with LADY ARMS.
    YAY. What a fucking classic. It's nice to see it getting some respect, though that piece shamefully fails to mention big lezzy Hazel, Nurse Dunkley, and that time when if you paused it you could briefly see Gary Lucy's cock bobbing about in the shower.

    Did you ever finish watching the whole lot? I'm not sure even i managed all of the last series (barring the tanya vs. joan collins stuff). I must indulge in a marathon at some point.
    I love how the comment is from : Dame Blanche Rose RuMare

    I do like that Dreamboy though, the one that is Louie Spence's cousin

    That's a bit poo! University's are so dated. For one of our database projects we had to use MS Access despite out tutor telling us it's a load of bollocks and we'd never use it in the real world. No I haven't but I've got a presentation to do for a project I am supposed to have being doing since I started in September (READ: I started it about 4 weeks a go). I've got it in my head how amazing it will all look but I probably won't have time to perfect it.
    Unfortunately NOT. All my recent presentations have essentially insisted on use of Powerpoint and have therefore looked a bit like SHIT. :( Yourself?
    30 Day Shred does me in on its own anyway. I'm going to attempt a 5k run followed by Shred as my non Boot Camp day routine and see how I get on. I reckon you could manage more than one DVD as long as you took a few minutes break between them for some water..
    Oh Percé :(

    I'm needing to get back on the horse too. I've NEVER had tone to my torso, EVER. My legs are good at the moment from the running but that's it. I'm ill at the moment and have just been eating crisps in bed. This is not good.

    Let me know how you get on with Jillian. My next grocery shop is going to be protein and vegetables and I'll be caning it with Boot Camp, running and dear Jillian too. I AM HERE FOR YOU.

    PS: Send me the 20yo photo.
    It wasn't really, they were just the two most BAFFLING ones and they both happened to be yours :shy:

    I'm going to redress the balance IMMEDIATELY
    Sorry love :( Nothing personal but I need to keep Moopy on its TOES :angel:
    I've not been for a couple of weeks :( Work was getting really insane and I just couldn't face doing stuff BEFORE as well - going to try and sort it out this week though!
    I didn't know that BAD could LOOK SO GOOD :disco:
    I need your help petal.

    What do you use to burn DVD movies? iDVD is actually fucking IMPENETRABLE.
    Hiya love, I do indeed - I got one for Christmas! Thanks for thinking of me though.

    QVC had a deal for them just before Christmas too but there was an even better deal on at the local cookshop. Nice to do our bit for local shops for local people.
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