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  • :D

    I just noticed that you didn't have a little cross by your name and I felt OVERCOME WITH GRIEF that I couldn't call you a true (internet) friend. xoxo
    Timing belt replacement is quite costly, I think mine added about £200 onto the cost of the service. £500 seems excessive though. A quick google tells me a Ford Focus one at a franchise garage should cost about £260-£300. I suppose it depends on the car model and where you're getting it done. Franchise garages charge a premium for their labour time. Not very helpful, sorry. x
    Did you see series 3 (i.e. the GREATEST SERIES EVER)? BECAUSE at the start of an X Factor a week or two back they showed a load of really unconvincing staged bits with contestants getting ready for the day's show and one of them featured DAZ and BETTY from it, who were the big tragic 40 something gay who still lived with his confused old mother. Both were FABULOUS

    :D Oh petal... greasing and lining the tin is quite important! Baking's easy... just follow the rules! x
    What sort of tin is it in? If it's not looking burned, leave it in longer and make sure you don't keep opening the oven - it brings the temperature right down!
    I do that too! I saw someone up there who I recognised and he msg'd me and I asked if we'd slept together. Turns out apparently we spoke one night in a nightclub in Portsmouth as he'd apparently been eyeing me up for years and I'd only noticed him when I was really really drunk (this one night) and had spent 5 minutes talking to him in the garden, went upstairs to buy him a drink and never came back. Whoops :-D

    Yeah, it was great. Have friends there so pop up every now and then. Whereabouts are you?
    How POSITIVELY thrilling! I was checking out the local, erm, "talent".

    Sorry if you were one of the messages I QUITE ROUTINELY IGNORED :-D
    My God, have things gotten that bad for Britney? :D

    No, it's 38 year old Swedish singer Shirley Clamp, best known for her celebrated (and celebratory) disco version of 'Do They Know It's Christmas'.

    Less trying to fuck northernlad and more listening to Beat of my Drum PLEASE.

    ***********GREAT MOOPY PRIZE DRAW***********
    Congratulations on being entered into the Great Moopy Prize Draw to be held this Sunday evening (20.3.2011)
    Make sure you are around for your chance to win BIG prizes!
    I thought we WERE worthless moopy friends already.

    Did i delete you after one of your famous anti-semitic rants?
    I means I get to make power bottom jokes all the LIVE LONG DAY :disco:
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