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  • The whole world is love! Not that it's generally a bad thing, but it's a private convo and it's nice to let loose and not mind what I say!
    Well me too. I'm not gonna stop because the Daily Mail brigade have jumped on a bandwagon. It's not harming anyone and grotesquely fascinating!
    We arrive at Victoria just after 3pm, and will head straight to the hotel which is right next to the O2 x
    The doc was just SO AWFUL, wasn't it? Equating most religious people as opposed to LGBT people, focusing on internalised homophobia. That poor sohail needs a therapist, not a media rep.
    Yes, the one I've been at 7 years. I love it there, but I've started to hate the clients :(
    I don't know enough about Cagliari to say. I know it's a bigger city than Olbia though.

    All I would say is that the beaches in and within walking distances of Olbia really aren't great. Olbia is more of a port. The beaches aren't particularly pretty and all are close to roads. The beaches just 10 miles to the north are absolutely stunning - like as lovely as any I have seen in Europe - but if you want a beach holiday you need to stay there, rather than Olbia, I'd say. For us, it was more of a city break, with a few excursions to the seaside.

    If Cagliari offers a happier compromise between city & seaside, I'd say go with that!
    It is a common condition which can develop at any age but is more common in young children and people over 50

    Oh I SEE. You should be OK although I would change the settings for that post so Neil and Mark can't see it tbh.
    Lexi. So yes, and a bit too close to Alexandra for comfort. Although apparently it was more Aaron's (the father) than Alex's choice. They all seem to be doing well, though!
    She was born the day after Mother's Day. I posted on moopy - I thought you commented on it! :D
    Hi Star! It was GORGEOUS! Really beautifully done, I love having the mandap outside, and loved the blue that the bridesmaids and best men were wearing.

    Now you have to find me a nice gujji/punju boy so I can do my own saat phere! Get on it, Star!
    No not yet, sorry. It's a day itinerary including a few favourites sights, plus a neighbourhood area with good places for lunch, all on foot, starting from fisherman's wharf where your hotel is. I just haven't linked it all up yet.

    I assume you've got a street map, or can grab one from the hotel?

    So jealous you're there!
    I haven't replied to your message because the screen is too small on my phone to read the article. I'll have a looksee now!
    I keep accidentally changing your avatar every couple of weeks.

    Please tell me if you want me to stop and I'll be more careful.
    No, we didn't go this year, although the prevailing winds brought the balloons right overhead last night. There were about 120 of them! Absolute traffic chaos yesterday though, all over the city because of the crowds, and the public transport they laid on just wasn't good enough. I think walking there (or cycling, I suppose) from the city centre is the easiest option, which I think is what we did last time, wasn't it? It takes about 45 minutes - an hour, but one of my friends today said it took her nearly two hours to get out of the car park!

    It would be lovely if you did both come down, though. It's 7th - 10th August next year if you want to put it in your diary x
    Awww thanks Star! xx I went to all that trouble and they didn't appreciate it! I even bought MEATY THINGS! :o
    Oh Star my SUPREME apologies - i am only just responding to your message. That film looks like completely wonderful though. Alas, i will never see it because i'm lying when i say this, but thank you.

    It looks like Spirit Trap:

    My dear star, thank you so very much for my card. it sits on my shelf beaming festive joy into my heart.

    However, it also beams SHAME into my heart as well. SHAME that i didn't get my act together this year and send out cards. My sincere apologies for this. My mother didn't even get one. x
    You have to buy your own? :o The TIGHT FUCKERS. Would they buy you a phoropter? They must cost an awful lot.

    Also, when i was a boy an optician said my eyes don't converge properly (so when other people go cross eyed mine go off all over the place and what i am seeing splits into two) and gave me that 'bring a pencil close to your nose' exercise to do. Me and my optician yesterday (homosexual and polish - DISGUSTING) were talking about it and i said it doesn't bother me because it's not obvious apart from very occasionally when i'm focussing on something close to me, but he then said OH I NOTICED and i got all selfconscious (AM I A GOOGLY EYED FREAK ALL THE TIME :() so now i'm totally starting with my pencil exercise again - but will it work? Can i cure myself now i am 25, 3 months and 4 days old?!! HELP ME STAR. Also i read that it might be why i have a short attention span when reading/working, so another good reason to FIX MYSELF. xxx
    Oh heavens no dear, i'm not THAT CREEPY / unselfaware. (also the venue in question doesn't have a stagedoor)

    I have just read up about the leaving. Because real life Syed man decided to leave they axed awful Christian. LOLZ
    Star Star Star (i am POLITELY IGNORING that you BLANKED my LAST QUESTION, for this is on a similar theme), i am being dragged to see some ghastly sounding play at some ghastly shoebox of studio theatre next week, but then i googled and OH MY DAYS LOOK WHO IS IN IT:


    I didn't even know that he'd left the EE! I hope he has cut his hair and is beautiful again. It is a tiny little venue, i am going to SUBTLY STROKE HIS FACE
    I've not watched since August. What did he do? :o

    Of course, there is no such thing as a good muslim family. Only less monstrous ones.

    PRAISE BE TO GOD :nun:
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