Cilla Black DEAD

CILLA IN SCANDINAVIA, which the critics are calling "fucking appauling", now available on BBC4 and iPlayer.
Oh god she’s not going to be in Stockholm next year is she
I love how she’s been dead for eight years and we’re STILL regularly discovering fresh horrors in her back catalogue… :D

I was listening to the audiobook of Madness's autobiography and discovered that we can blame Suggs's mum for Cilla Black. She was a club singer around Liverpool when Suggs was just a baby and one night, she did a swap with a young singer who was looking to get a bit more experience - yup, that singer was Cilla Black and Suggs believes that it was *that night* Cilla was 'discovered' by her first agent.

Now, I've not fact checked this but since Moopy also dislikes Madness, I figured I would chuck it in.
Just reading a fascinating article on pinknews about Lucy Spraggan, and look what pops up


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