Cilla Black DEAD

Who knew that a Cilla Black obituary would be one of the most enduring threads on moopy of all time
Today I met a 13 year old golden retriever called Cilla.

I was going to go ‘speaking of OLD BITCHES’ 🥁 but this Cilla had just got over cancer and had a poorly leg so it didn’t feel right. She also put her paw on my knee.
Cilla pulls out a baggie for a quick line.

I'd not seen the whole thing before! "She's probably one of my closest friends now" is the maddest thing about this whole magnificent scenario
Why was she allowed to get away with such evil for so long. These are not sounds anyone could possibly enjoy.
Honestly, with Surprise Surprise, Section 28 and acid wash denim, I'm going to try and get a few months off with CPTSD.
I was just watching Sheridan's Smith's rendition of 'Anyone Who Had a Heart' (from the drama a few years back). Sheridan being a far better singer - it doesn't flatter Our Cilla.

It’s like someone has been let out of the asylum and tue audience is just patiently waiting for the medics to turn up and sedate her.

In my early childhood I never actually realised she was a professional singer until my parents started buying 60s compilation cassettes. I just thought she was a TV presenter who liked showing off.
Cilla's Shoulder Shrugging game really is NEXT LEVEL

All that action at every high-ish note and hideous belt :disco:

I'm hooked on this clip! The freezing weather, the poor woman conductor not being allowed to make eye contact with the TALENT ("face forward or I'm shoving you off this train"), the chorus chaps having to give their tickets to Conductor Cilla in a jaunty fashion.

Nobody does it like Cilla anymore (thank God).
Why is everyone suddenly OBSESSED with hokey Cilla vocals from the 80s? Just about every POSTWHORE GAY on Twitter and Instagram is either digging something up or repurposing it for their own merits. Some of them aren't even THAT noteworthy.

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