I'm A Celeb 2023

Seriously JL, she must have known she wasn't going to see her kids whilst in the jungle? She must kind of know what the show is about? Has she literally walked into it thinking she'd get video calls from her kids and sit in the sun all day?

Fuck off!
It was obviously going to be Jamie Lynn. Hopefully another 3 star wonder.
Nella’s reaction is just RIDICULOUS though HIGHLY ENTERTAINING.
That interaction had shades of Roxanne Pallet to it
I only saw a clip of it. Was she really so STUPID to think when she said Fred “wasn’t that old” when discussing his diminishing eyesight, and his response that he could be her father, was some kind of personal swipe against her parents? The instant “my dad was a lot older than you” just sounded like it was coming from a thick person.
I feel like nellas arguments and opinions would be far better executed if she didn't shout so much.
Just watched an argument between Nella and Farage on Twitter - why can't an INTELLIGENT person take him to task? She's doing the left NO FAVOURS there.
Yes, Nella isn't the person to be taking Farage to task here. She doesn't have the intellect.
Although it’s not really her field Josie should take the opportunity to hold a reasonable conversation/debate about it and impress her tv bosses.
Does anyone remember the programme Marvin was in way before JLS ever existed where him and other male singers had to become a believable girl band? It just popped in to my head there, and can’t find any evidence of it online. :D
I have found it. It was called Boys Will Be Girls and also had Russ from Scooch and Martin from
Fast Food Rockers. They were called The Honeytraps. :D
Tonight’s episode in SURPRISINGLY ENTERTAINING shocker.
Is Grace a DISASTER? I remember reading her SCATHING pieces on Big Brother back in the day so it's quite ironic if she herself is a mess.
I strongly dislike Grace Dent. Best mates with monster Caitlin Moran.
Why did Nella have insects right up over her nose but Grace didn’t? I’m not surprised Nella couldn’t breathe.
What is Grace Dent famous for? I know her from Masterchef, and assumed she was a food critic?
He didn’t ask whether you loved your sister Jamie Lynn. He asked whether you got on!?

Did she not say she spoke to her on the phone before she flew over to Australia?

I don't like Nigel Farage, nor do I watch these in full, but it was amusing to see him casually drinking blended pig's nose and crocodile feet 😅
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I CAN’T when any of them moan at being picked to do trails. Why did you FUCKING sign up if you didn’t want to do them!

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