Moopyvision Karaoke Spice Special - the LIVE SHOW (RESULTS 8PM TOMORROW)



(Results show HERE)

Good evening everyone! Welcome to the first ever Moopyvision Karaoke spinoff contest, and tonight we're honouring the careers of the fabsome fivesome/foursome, the Spice Girls. TEN* talented and brave Moopers will present their own versions of Spice classics for your enjoyment, then over the next week or so you can vote for your favourites! More info on this after the show, but for now get ready to enjoy the LIVE PREMIERE at 8pm on YouTube:

Your entries:

Who will your favourite be? Join The Asexual Goose at 8pm to find out, and don't forget to spice up!

*(Technically eleven)


You can vote until 6pm on Sunday 2nd August 2020. You can PM me your votes, in Eurovision style AKA the following amount of points for each act:

(If you are one of our artistes you MUST give yourself 1 point)

You can also give me a video or audio clip of you presenting your 8, 10 and 12 points! If you want to do this, the easiest for video is probably to upload it to YouTube as an unlisted video then send me the link, and for audio you can use
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I'm completely mortified by mine now that I've actually watched it a few times and then watched my Eurovision performance to compare.

But still excited for the show. Just might log off and switch off for my perf. :)
A reminder that if you have a way of watching YouTube on your TV, you can CAST the video for the full big screen experience :disco:
Spice up your life Moopy...! I’m ready to be gagged
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Moopy Queens in the backstage rehearsing

This is your fifteen minute warning! I'll also give my usual warning that I'm far from a professional, so there may be occasional audio issues requiring you to turn the volume up and down. Hopefully not though!
Literally just told my Texan date, 'I've got to go NOW or I'll miss the Spice Girls Karaoke event!!!'
I've put it on my TV, and I am SO excited for this :D
Oh not a two minute countdown, Tisch’s poor heart can’t take it!
"if you wanna be my lover, too bad, i'm asexual" :D
I'm about a minute behind on my TV for some reason... but I'll watch on there as it's so much bigger.

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