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Paper Mario TTYD is a MASTERPIECE and everything that has followed has been a DISAPPOINTMENT.
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I would love these SNES games to go on NSO, but re-did to match the box art. For example, I've wanted a Super Mario Kart 99 ever since that amazing hack appeared that obviously got taken down. It looked super smooth - I trust there will be a non-99 or at least CPU mode as it looks both awesome and completely hellish.

My biggest excitement was actually the Tomb Raider trilogy. It's just a shame it wasn't a shadow drop as I'd have bought it immediately.

Peach looks fun obviously (I hope there is a lot of camp they weren't showing as there certainly is potential for it). Mario stop-gap filler overload even if all appeal to me - I just hope that, say, TYD will be cross-gen with whatever follows up the Switch as it felt somewhat unnecessary even if it's much needed for the franchise. And could it be more obvious they are biding their time - this was like a Wii U era direct, but with actual good stuff, the Mario Vs DK gave me such nostalgia for this period. Post March is just 2024 - I'm really hoping we get a platform reveal in March for a 3rd quarter calendar year release.
God Thousand Year Door is probably the funniest Nintendo game ever, I hope they do it justice if it's a new translation because it's quite OUT THERE for the Nintendo of TODAY. Those EXISTENCIAL cutscenes of Peach and the AI computer were BONKERS :D
So many remakes nevertheless. The only things for me were the new SaGa game and that STUPIDLY NAMED Atlus RPG which is OBVIOUSLY a new Ogre Battle but they can't tell you that because the name is trapped in LICENSE HELL.
The Contra remake made my eyes BLEED and I will play any old shit. Who the fuck is committing that CRIME.

Give it to Treasure Konami!!!!1
Oh and I know the Suikoden game is crowdfunded, but Jesuschrist it looks three generations away from even the TTYD remake, let alone Octopath Traveller.
Well since searching for "wii u" is impossible on this site, Nintendo recently posted that online functionality for Wii U and 3DS shall cease early 2024. I went back to the original Splatoon a few weeks ago when trying Pikmin 3. I don't have anything else I'd miss on either. Seeing the online stats for both systems would be interesting as I'm sure they are quite depleted obviously. I just bought 2 Wii U dev kits so clearly am still enjoying what it had to offer.
Everything I've seen of Wonder looks spectacular, there's footage of the first two levels on Instagram and it looks like great fun.
I'm going in fairly fresh with it, but did see a TV advert that says play as one of twelve classic characters - I'm just assuming that several coloured Yoshi skins will be counted separately or something, otherwise game on.

I have about £20 combined in earned tokens and credit left over from buying during the Wii U's eshop closure, so will either use that or decide if getting those vouchers will be worthwhile again (I just don't see another big game coming that'll be after day 1 for me - I do hope Peach's showtime thing won't be a full priced game). I've came around to Mario RPG, so there is always that if I'm really desperate.
We got Captain Toad at the weekend, I haven't been able to try it yet because Mr COB has been addicted to it and finished it within a couple of days. He barely played games before meeting me, I've created a monster :D
I used my discounts/gold coins and ordered it for £31.

I'm also glad that reviews still can't show too much of the wonder powers since I really don't want to be too spoiled going into this and yet caved to see what a few outlets had to say.

Nintendo have put the Switch launch trailer to "private" on youtube. Strange to think it was around 7 years ago now that we got that first peek - I remember pulling over my car to watch it as I simply couldn't wait 30 minutes to watch it on TV.
I can't believe I'm not finding everything in some of these 1 star difficulty levels. Only started world 2, but it's already an absolute gem.
Homophobic game 0/10 :(

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There's one challenge level in World 2 that's SO difficult, I've tried it so many times and have come really close but just can't do it :shock:
It was this one:

It's hard to see in that video because the player is really good, but the platforms start disappearing quicker the faster the music gets :o You have to time it SO well but also can't go too fast because you'll go too far and fall...
It was this one:

It's hard to see in that video because the player is really good, but the platforms start disappearing quicker the faster the music gets :o You have to time it SO well but also can't go too fast because you'll go too far and fall...

I did that one no bother but a bit later is a much MUCH harder one that took me a fair few attempts
I’m very much into changing the spoken language of the flowers (the text stays in English. Move over Duo Lingo). German please :disco:
I played 30 minutes of Wonder and it absolutely rocked. I've put it to one side for now whilst I concentrate on Spider-Man 2, but will come back to it at Christmas.
This background-foreground aspect is making me wish for that Wario Virtual Boy game to finally come to a modern platform. To think I thought that LABO malarkey could have been the ticket.
I have all wonder seeds now, an excellent game and my favourite 2d mario game I think.

Just in time for Mario RPG!
Oh, there is one more level for getting all the flower coins. I only missed about 5 or so, I guess I'll go pick them up
For those who also think sleep is a bit tired, the last wave of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe waves is waving live at 1am. Give me an wave if you see me.

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