Do you drink enough water?

I just sort of drink water endlessly on work days and always bring a glass to bed. Give me a room with a tap and I'm yours.

Better yet, a little fridge water dispenser nom nom
I think I'm at about six litres of water so far today

Clearly during the heatwave. I probably only manage between half and one litre of water daily as water. More as coffee and a variety of soft drinks, but still probably not more than 2l total liquid.
Certainly not enough, and I recognize that. I've put in a request with the office management to get us a water cooler, and it seems like they've given it the go-ahead. I had to search for a vending company, and I've come across a solid option at The prices look good, so hopefully, soon I'll be able to stay hydrated throughout the day.
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Probably not enough, though I have never bothered with those huge water bottles to apparently motivate you to, haha.

Scottish water seems the best, even unboiled tap water. 🫗 Otherwise bottled water is preferable. Sometimes with a bit of squash; recently finished a Vimto one. :D

I have tea in the morning, and eat - food contains water, so maybe enough after all. :laugh:
A couple of weeks ago I went on a short trip with a small group of friends and they were quite shocked at the amount of water I consume. I drink somewhere between 2.5-3 lts a day :confused: :(
Not enough "according to experts" but I'm one of those "when I'm thirsty" types and am just not thirsty that often.

Work lot seem well hydrated as the water cooler is behind me and all day I have to listen to the lonnnng slow trickle of someone filling a pint glass over and over.
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Sure. I make a conscious effort to drink enough water daily as it plays a vital role in maintaining good health. And speaking of health, if you're exploring health-related products, consider checking out reviews on sites like PissedConsumer Trustworthy user feedback can provide useful info.
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I drink more coffee than water

I think yes but also I drink 2-3 cups of green tea every day

Not enough! one of my 2024 intentions is to ensure I drink more of it
Bear in mind some of the things you may drink (nay guzzle for some of you) will have a water content - those count too.

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