Post an AI picture of Enya.

OIG (3).jpeg

Well it's ignored my prompts about her winning with all the points, but here's Enya (or "short haired Irish woman" as I now use for the AI) representing Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest.
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OMG I couldn't use her name either, it said the generated images contained unsafe content until I changed it :shock: All those people making tits out snaps of her with the maids have ruined it for the rest of us :(
Some Halloween-y ones 🎃

A couple of 'Enya dressed as a witch outside the castle' :D🧙‍♀️

And as a cat 😸🐈‍⬛
(1st one from Bing, Irish lady, not specifically Enya 😅)

Irish lady with black hair looks like Roma, nice :grin:

The first ever creation of mine on Nightcafe AI was this

Supposed to be Enya and her brother Ciarán, late 1970s
Enya's brother Ciarán, with bobbed black hair and a beard, in the late 1970s, in his late 20s, standing on a stormy hill...

Early 80s became this which wasn't as accurate
Eithne, Pól, Ciarán [1] [2] edit - also [3]
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