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It’s like she was watching Moesha hun
Do you not like any of the songs

SAD :(


10. Harloe - Crush On You (Latroit & Pretty Garter Remix) - I was playing this song to my dear friend @HerSereneHighnessAnniFrid (that evil mastermind, internet troll and password codebreaker @Suomi was maybe in the background too) and she said the vocal stylings on this song reminded her of Census Queen and Bi-Polar expert Brandy. I actually hadn't made that connection before but it's all I hear now. Brandy with a tune in 2020. WHO KNEW. This remix is amazing, it takes me back to the summer months, when I could meet one friend outside. What freedoms we had back then!

9. NOTD & Nina Nesbitt - Cry Dancing - The highest charting Scot on the countdown. :scotland::scotland::scotland: Truth be told, Nina Nesbitt has always sort of passed me by, but Cry Dancing is an absolute tune and if you've not heard it (or seen the video) then you must do these two things immediately.

8. Donna Missal - Hurt By You - @Christmas Tisches this one is for you bbz. Hurt By You really is the song I probably should have entered in to ASFM. I think it would have maybe landed a little better than Slow Motion. Plus there's also a bit more going on in the video. Anyway, Donna is probably of all the newly discovered artists I've found this year, my favourite. So even if Moopy don't like you Donna, I sure do.

7.The Mamas - Move - Highest charting Melodifestival/Eurovision related song comes from the Mamas. Move is infectious, fun, and straddles the line between sounding current and being true to who they are. A fantastic winner for Melodifestival and I look forward to the crushing disappointment next year. @Pingu get the tissues ready.

6. Lauren Alaina - Run - Okay this one is a @SDF only special (oh the narcissism in tagging yourself). Country music has a special place in my heart and Lauren Alaina currently reigns supreme. I seen her back in 2019, when going to gigs was a thing, and she blew me away. Her voice was incredible, her personality infectious (in the good way) and the country tunes were there too. If you do happen to like the sound of this one :eyes:, check out Getting Good and Road Less Travelled from previous years too.

That Donna M song is great ! Far better then your ASFM entry IMO !
Not heard than Nina song before, is good! I’d recommend “Loyal to me” by her too
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Right here we go loves, no going back now :o

Press play for 5-1... now:

5. JoJo - Man - 2020 was kind to JoJo fans around the world, we got a new album, a re-issue of that album with some extra songs and a christmas album. It was lovely to have her back, and Man is one of the sexiest sounding songs of the year. The CONFIDENCE to proclaim love me like a fan. I COULD NEVER

4. Steps - Something In Your Eyes - Did the whole of the (gay) internet wait til midnight to press play on this song? What a lovely moment to have Steps record one of the best Melodifestival songs to not make the final. Their version of this song is a joy, and even if it the differences are minimal it still sounds fresh. The song was made for Faye and she doesn't let us down with that iconic opening verse. Lisa's ad libs are everything at the end too - see video for further deets.

3. Victoria Monet, Khalid & SG Lewis - Experience - Wow does this song need more attention. Ariana's best friend releasing an absolute throwback disco tune that probably set Kylie up for a fail (in my head). WHY WHY WHY is this still not number 1? MORE of this pls.

2. Call Me Loop - Strike - Another new artist of 2020 and boy did she deliver with this song. @funky and @Jark The Herald Angels Sing may have a thing for Rose but this is the absolute keeper for me of 2020 from her. Excited to see what she does next.

1. Kiesza - Crave - NO ONE did a step back in time to the 80s quite like Kiesza did in 2020. Saving Lockdown 1.0 for me and probably one other internet gay. I LOVE this song. It is epic and again is criminally underrated. The EP is also pretty good work, so check it out if you like this song and haven't already.
And that's a wrap folks

Let me know what you think but only positive thoughts pls :eyes::eyes::eyes:
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The 2 Keizsa singles were fantastic and yes pure 80s throwback but I was disappointed with the album tbh
I've never heard the top 3 and maybe I never will but I love #4 and #5 :disco:

Well done on a great onbeloyvable hit Moopy event SDF :beer:
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@dUb Actually listen to Experience! it's fabulous!

Crave was good but Run Renegade was much better. Très explosive.

That Jojo album was a bit LIMP for me in the end. Not exactly awash with tunes. Man was nice but burned out quick
Did you not even listen to the snippets :D:eyes:
Rosé is so great. Such a slinky, joyous song. Strike is fun too
Hi @SDF. Oh I'm definitely a Hyyts fan - in fact a loon!(they sent me a signed Christmas card with the 'Bullet' lyrics :shy: )
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Excellent chart. I have a soft spot for Lauren Alaina. Obviously a fan of Jojo, Victoria Monet has released some cracking songs in 2020 and I’ve had Call Me Loop on my playlist too - though with Self Love being my most returned to.
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I might do one of these countdowns next year, I think I’ve got quite a few tracks on my regular rotation that others would like based on these lists

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