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  • Awww thank Mr L for the card! Mummy Star wanted to know who else was sending me a Valentines day card :D
    Well I hope you find whoever sent it to you :o

    I had SUCH a lovely night tonight! nHappy Valentines :D xxx
    I've ordered them! I hope that's ok! They should be ready in just over a week.
    Yes I did wonder how far out if Verona we would be. We had to kind of both compromise cos I wanted a cute, picturesque city but Mandy wanted a by going To the lake she gets the water and i get somewhere busy with plenty to do.

    I think she's planning on hiring a car so we can sight see and visit Verona. I want to go to the romeo and Juliet balcony :D
    hey lolly!!

    We are thinking verona. Ive wanted to do italy for ages and really wanted to do tuscany but its a bit TOO expensive, mandy wanted to do sardinia, which did look fab but pretty much all beach which doesnt interest me. So we settled with verona, weve found a hotel in Riva Del Garda right by the lake!
    Oh, I didn't clock you at all - not that I expect you to be around Costa Coffee for lunch (I'd presumed you work out of the city centre a little) anyway. But if you see me again, do say hello!
    Oh I SEE
    What you DOO-OOOH
    But I can DO it BETT-AAHHH
    And the TALK of the TOWN is TROOO-OOOH
    That I'll make you FORGET HAARRRR

    Give it up Lolls for the Queen of UK No. 40 Chart Positions, Miss K-Mo!
    That's fine, I can't be doing with nigging up anymore though, I'm quite brown after camp :(
    Arrive 11:15 and depart 6pm, And I really don't mind what we do, I'm happy just to chill out somewhere pretty!
    That's a good idea, I was just going to include the hits of Brotherhood Of Man into the rate in the hope one of them might win!
    I can EXCLUSIVELY REVEAL that one BF song has a 10+ score in the rate so far!
    Oh she just posted 'haha'.

    I deleted the whole discussion straight after, it was all getting a little too bizarre! :D
    Oh Good Grief

    I swear I barely know that girl :D

    Who knew Paul Weller would be the cause of such facebook controversy?
    Hmm, I can meet you for a bit, I'd need to leave by 3pm really as I have some stuff to do before brownies. Is that ok?
    I am for a bit, can't stay too late though, although you're meeting Steve anyway aren't you? Also my hair is a bit greasy, is that ok? :shy:
    What time do you arrive in London tomorrow? Have a nice day today!
    Looks alright, I'm a possibility, it depends how I get on with my day off on Weds, I've got loads to get done this week and I'm relying on my days off. Must you book the tickets in advance or can you just turn up? I will let you know by Thurs!
    What do you want the laptop for? If it's only for mooping we can do it on my ipod. It's not ideal, but it's better than nothing if space and weight are at a premium.
    Ok, no worries, if I don't have to carry the projector I can always pop mine in.
    If you have space, could you pop your notebook in? I think you said we have net access?
    I need to msn with you, only I've got a meeting to go to just now. I should be back by 10:30 if you're around then. It's just I'm out tomorrow night and Friday and I need to laminate the final itinerary and shopping list.
    Oooh lovely! I'll get some jelly suitable for veggies then! We can make that as soon as we arrive, pop them in the fridge and then head to the shops
    How long does jelly take to set? I bought 40 shot glasses from the pound shop today. I did wonder if we could make some vodka jellies.
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