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  • I really want a detailed breakdown of your feelings about 'Mother'.

    Did you like it? Did you think it would qualify? What exactly were Belgium thinking?

    These are the insights I've missed from you :D
    Oh hoorah, you're alive! I was so worried.

    Sorry, I'm probably as guilty as anyone of defaulting to your old username. I'll watch that in future if you stick around (please do!)
    Happy Birthday from my OTHER favourite Belgian (or OTHER OTHER if Tinu reads this):

    So happy birthday to you then! :santa: What an amazing list of fellow New Year's Eve Eve'rs. Patti Smith lived up to the hype for me live, must be the best concert I've ever seen. My birthday only has Broadcast News co-stars William Hurt and Holly Hunter or something, really grim! :(

    Oh and how good is Turks Fruit? Rutger Hauer is an ultimate King of Life! I didn't believe Spetters could be topped but this shockfest is the Best Dutch Film of The Century indeed!
    Of course I'm a foul drama cunt, but Moopyrate doesn't mean anything to me. :D

    You haven't missed anything but I expect you to pay full attention to everything I say from now on!
    You should pay more attention then, you PRICK!!

    (I'm really only kidding! :))
    The guy at Nick's Flick Picks knows his stuff and then some, nonetheless I'm not necessarily into actress worship over actors and females over males in music etc, but he gives a brilliant explanation on his site why he gravitates toward actresses over actors - the angst women feel blah blah.

    I certainly don't agree with him all the time - look how low he ranks Kathy Bates in Misery and Sophia Loren in La ciociara and how high Julia Roberts is! But I can't wait till his book comes out.

    I never watch TV so Six Feet Under along with Mad Men (for obvious reasons) are top of my DVD boxset rent/buy list. Re: Patty Clarkson she's in a great film called The Dying Gaul with fabulous acting partner Campbell Scott and the super gorgeous Peter Sarsgaard.
    Oh I AM impressed. Never knew you were such a film buff. :sheena: And that turning straight revelation even better! :D

    I had only heard of High Art through the excellent Nick's Flick Picks as he singled out Sheedy's performance as best of the year. It's UBER indie and low budget and much better than the lesbian director's more celebrated The Kids Are All Right. The guys in it were mega hot too!
    I had heard Spetters was given a cinema re-release or something last month. As for Verhoeven, I'm absolutely furious about the remake of Total Recall! How utterly pointless, the FX were state of the art then, as with T2 and will never be bettered by modern CGI.

    I never took to The Breakfast Club sadly :shy: but it's many people's fave film. Lets just say "limited premise". I need to see it and other Brat Pack "classic" Pretty in Pink again. Though I did love its best character Ally Sheedy in dyke film High Art which I saw recently. It lived up to the title and she was great and QoL Patty Clarkson better than ever with her Dietrich impersonation.

    As for Clueless - well one can never go wrong with Paul Rudd. Young Paul Rudd at that, but he always looks the same!
    Spetters is GODLIKE. In context, it's so much more than that homosexual gang rape scene! :D Just a classic coming of age movie. Oh and it had "Trojan Horse" and ABBA, amongst many other late 70s greats on the soundtrack. :sheena:

    No wonder it driven Paul Verhoeven out of Nederland after all the outrage. :disco: I managed to grab a torrent of Turks Fruit as well. Fantastic.
    It's truly bizarre! I thought you might have been aware of it for research purposes. I mean, I remember email at school and there was an instant messenging type program in Pretty In Pink but I didn't realise internet or essentially alt.newsgroups went back THAT far! It goes to like 1981. :|

    When the person posted that topic on MNation (saying there's malware there but there isn't and it's fixed, but damn warning message comes up) I assumed it was a pisstake cause he titled it "stan wars" and there IS a site called that. The reality isn't so far off.

    But searching through that group is totally hilarious, you find the most tightly wound prog rock purists who make Zeus666 look like an amateur. :D Some ABBA mentions of course, too.
    Oh, and I can't actually believe I excluded "Enjoy the Silence" from my list. I think I tagged it on the just-missed shorthand list after I'd finished the thing.
    Well that's noble of you, but I thought if you'd like to check something out before purchasing it - and actually there are four or five songs on there which are completely out of print. Can I ask what it is you do?

    As for poor Kate, I can definately see her Moopy appeal, and that may be why I rarely post here. Haha.

    I can remember you talking about Mylene and Depeche Mode on here, so that means you can only be GOOD hence the drama comment.
    Oh, that's cool. If you'd like any more let me know and I'll try to oblige you! You're the drama-free Belgian here right?
    Luv' (forgot the all important apostrophe :sheena:) are so bad, it's hypnotic.. there's a definite carcrash quality. Lol @ "Trojan Horse" and their other big single. I'd say though that "U.O.Me (Waldolala)" could be a genuine Europop classic - even if it does rip off Queen Raffaella wholesale. I quite like the bargain basement ABBA of "Who Do You Wanna Be" and I'd love to know how they managed to rip off "Gimme Gimme Gimme" so soon for a song that was released apparently weeks later!

    Yes, it was haunting to think of the Jane Birkin when you found out she died! I vaguely remember hearing that story, but didn't twig till after the film. I haven't heard of the Gainsbourg cover or that Belgian song, look forward to those. Two I know are - &

    I think you'd like this from HagNation, kinda goes with your aesthetic.
    I have been reduced to cameos but am still sorta around!

    Per the Dolly Dots, the Grease nightmare that is "Boys" is particularly harrowing, the late lead singer had a nice voice though like on that Motown soundalike "Love Me Just A Little More"(?). The Dots though aren't nearly as horrible as the abomination that is Luv... good lord! It's like the worst of ABBA, Baccara and Boney M distilled. :o

    I remember you mentioning the Dots as a sort of ABBA soundalike but I have also been introduced to some classier Dutch and België acts. :smoke:
    Waarom kan ik geen berichtjes achterlaten op je facebook pagina? Wilde juist "America" van Razorlight bij je deponeren maar dat gaat dus niet. :( Misschien heb ik daarmee mijn eigen 'waarom'-vraag beantwoord...
    Heb je nog naschokken beleefd veroorzaakt door Better Than Today? Een tsunami van kitsch misschien?
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    De Armin van Buuren cd kwam vandaag met de post binnen. Ben er zeer content mee, thanks! :)
    That's interesting, it got some great reviews here.

    I would definitely say it wasn't for everyone, it was an unconventional biopic with surreal aspects but nothing that's all that unusual in film. Worth seeing for fans definitely. "Initials B.B." is of course the best song ever. :disco:
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