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Oct 27, 2007
this was premiering at Venice but then got pulled. directed by Emerald Fennell (coming off Promising Young Woman), maybe an outside awards season contender?

looks like an off-kilter, scandal-in-bourgeois-academia thriller with a touch of The Secret History and maybe a bit of a creepy Lanthimos vibe... I think I'm sold. :disco: also with Rosamund Pike serving cunt, Jacob Elordi from Euphoria playing British (why can Aussie actors do every accent?), and Barry Keoghan doing his usual thing. I'm unconvinced as a leading man but let's see.
Looks quite marvellous, albeit basically Brideshead Revisited (Revisited), from that trailer.

Looks perfectly camp and I loved Promising Young Woman so I’m all in.
Also the poster is :horny:
My interest in this is MILD as I've had ENOUGH of ENGLISH POSH PORN but Rosamund is a FORCE OF NATURE at playing DELICIOUSLY UNPLEASANT characters so I hope she gives a TOUR DE FORCE
It’s getting good buzzzzz

Oh good, stories about posh people, BY posh people. Authentic storytelling is so important :disco:

Jacob Elordi's quite fit, isn't he?
Got my LFF calendar all sorted out. Just need to book them all on Monday and Saltburn will be the first one.

Skipping all the expensive galas I think. If the strike doesn’t end, what’s the point when no one can attend to promote?
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...but enough about Jacob's cummy bathwater.
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Privately educated in the same school as Kate Middleton :eyes: I guess TALK ABOUT WHAT YOU KNOW.
I thought it was really stupid. Rosamund Pike was GLORIOUS in it. When it was funny it hit the spot. The second act fell apart. Bar the end scene. OMG.

So much just wasn’t explained. He came from a pretty seemingly middle class family? Was he in love with Felix??
This is now out in the UK and I had a MOST FABULOUS time watching it. It's not perfect, and is maybe 10 mins too long, but overall I found it an absolute hoot and quite :horny: in places. I want to spend a summer at Saltburn.

Keoghan and Elordi are great, but there's not a weak link in the wider cast, and Rosamund Pike is having the best time with all the best lines. She's playing a cliche but she's doing it beautifully so it works.

Also after her sterling work with Stars Are Blind in Promising Young Woman, it's nice to see Emerald Fennell giving similar love to the greatest Christmas song of the 21st century so far. Cheeky cheeky! :santa::santa: And Sophie Ellis-Bextor must be delighted with what she gets to soundtrack.
I had a good time watching this, but it sort of felt like a collection of entertaining SCENES clunkily stitched together by a paper thin plot and barely existent characterisation.

My biggest problem was Barry Keoghan's character. He was such a mopey cipher in the first half that you never bought why Felix would be drawn to him in any way. It would have been better if he had a proper working class charm, but I'm not sure Emerald Fennel has a clue how to write that. :D Similarly his turn in the final third, while fun, didn't really make any sense. It was all a bit dumbed-down Talented Mr Ripley.

Still a lot of fun though, and it seemed to go down very well in the packed theatre I saw it in.
I was thoroughly entertained throughout. The final 10 or so minutes is a total riot, packed cinema too which was good to see seeing as there's been very little in the way of promotion.
I was thoroughly entertained throughout. The final 10 or so minutes is a total riot, packed cinema too which was good to see seeing as there's been very little in the way of promotion.

Were you at the Vue in Kirkstall by any chance? :D

Favourite movie since Parasite for me.
and lots of the plot actually has parallels to that in a way

The performances were phenomenal and Pike delivers every single line with such gusto that you are just desperate to see her on screen the whole time! ‘She’ll do anything for attention’ was a particular favourite.
Really funny, twisted and kept me guessing! A great experience!

I did enjoy it, but not sure it ever really made much sense. The problem was Rosamund Pike was so fucking good with the best lines that by the time she arrived on screen I couldn't care less about the plot and was just anxious for her to pop back up with a quick QUIP, and her presence sadly tailed off as it went on

I want to use sexually incontinent at every opportunity now. And we really needed more of Poor Pamela

The main plot was...fine. But it didn't tell us much. And I expected the maths guy at the start to appear again. I assume Oliver's dismissal of him in the pub was the tell tale sign of what was to come. Barry Keoghan was adequate and could happily sit on my face, other than that though his character was overshadowed by everyone, which I suppose was the point

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